November 22, 2012

Book of Shadows Giveaway [CLOSED]

My long awaited second order of the Hallowe'en themed Book of Shadows from Etsy seller 'anothersoul' arrived on Tuesday. I had been waiting with bated breath for a little over a month for them, which wasn't due to any fault on the seller's part, on the contrary, Lynn was a pleasure to work with and even offered to send replacements but thankfully my package miraculously turned up the day before she did! *shakes head in disbelief at the slow postal system*

I had to order 3 more of the Hallowe'en designs whilst they were still in stock as I just couldn't get enough of my last two palettes. I adore the way they add a touch of spooky eye candy to my dressing table whilst serving the useful purpose of helping me organise my eyeshadow at the same time! They look perfect next to my Jack Skellington brush holder ♥

 ~ Misery ~

 ~ Death Trap ~

 ~ Trapped in the Mirror ~

~ My pile of pretties! ~ 

As I mentioned in my last post about these palettes, here, Lynn very kindly offered to send me an extra one to give away to my followers! So, if you would like the chance to win the aptly named 'Night Crawlers' palette below then the way to participate is simple:

♥ Be a follower of this blog (I will be checking!)
♥ Leave me one comment telling me what your favourite scary film is!
♥ Remember to include your email address so I can contact you if you win!
♥ This giveaway is open internationally.

The giveaway is open for 2 weeks and will close on Thursday the 6th of December, leaving enough time for the palette to reach the lucky winner by Christmas! As usual the winner will be chosen at random! Good luck to all of those who enter!

I'll leave you with a couple of songs that have been filling my days with happiness recently ♥

~ ♥ ~

*Disclaimer* This post contains one free product sent to me for the purpose of a giveaway. All opinions are my own.


  1. I have such a problem choosing my favourite scary movie - mainly as they don't scare me I want to find the film that will - when I finally do I'll be happy haha.

    I watch the scream and saw films over and over and I know a lot of people didn't like it but I did like Cabin in the Woods as well of more recent films so one of those maybe.

    My GFC is: Saz

    Email: dragonfly1611 (@)

    Life in a Break Down

  2. Be a follower of this blog (I will be checking!)
    -I am!
    Leave me one comment telling me what your favourite scary film is!
    -My favorite scary film..this is a hard one. Maybe at the moment The Others, it is always so mystic, spooky, beautiful and sad at the same time.
    Remember to include your email address so I can contact you if you win!
    This giveaway is open internationally.
    -Good because I am from Finland!

  3. Oh, this is so nice.
    My favourite scary movie is Snow White - A Tale of Terror. It's just amazing :)

    My email:

    Thank you the giveaway! :)

  4. My address is shannonrutherford4815162342* (asterisk in the place of @ to avoid spam :D)

    My favourite scary film is The Blair Witch Project... it kind of traumatized me XD you couldn't actually see anything but for months I couldn't stay alone in my house XD

  5. Hello! I love your giveaways, you always have such cool stuff :)

    My favourite horror movie is INSIDIOUS. Scary from the beginning to the end. Absolutely a cult film for horror lovers!!


    I'm from Italy.


  6. Lovely giveaway!
    my fave movie is Dracula from 1992, but it's not that scary though =)
    if I had to pick one that really scared me, it would be "Drag me to hell"... the scene in the car where the gypsy old woman chews on her face just creeps me out -.-

    mail: nanethiel 13 @ gmail . com

  7. This is really hard question! But since I'm totally in love with Tim Burton's movies, my answer is Sleepy Hollow. Not actually scary, but little bit creepy in a perfect, Burtonish way!


  8. The palettes is indeed lovely! I, however, won't try to enter the givaway, due to my 'crawlers' hate. Spiders. Brrrrr.

    When it comes to horrors, I don't think I have 'the favourite'... but I really like 'Dracula' with the amazing Bela Lugosi... no special effects, just pure talent!

    P.S It seems like I have become desensitised and hardly any horror scares me now. Oh the joys of being a horror fan. :(

  9. Oh, dear... it's hard to pick my favorite scary movie, since I'm more into the mood than horror. I did enjoy the old Vincent Price movies - like Tales of Terror. Edgar A. Poe + Vincent = awesome.

    amerseksasa at hotmail dot com

    P.S: I was drooling all over your Treasures from Edinburgh post. Damn, I wish I lived in 'your world'.

  10. These are super cute, I have a few on my wishlist from Santa.

    My favorite scary movie is the original Salem's Lot. Oh Mr Barlow, he does terrify me so. :D

  11. Ooh yes please. I have re-embraced makeup again as I fend off decrepitude! I'm not usually a fan of horror films per se but I did enjoy the original version of 'Let the Right One in' - whatever it's called 'Lette der ratte Komme in' I think - and of course my all time fave is The Lost Boys although that isn't really scary! I am a follower and my email is

  12. It's hard to choose just one favourite scary film but I'd choose Scream. :3

  13. They are beautiful!! I have so many eyeshades that my storage is brimful right now.
    My favourite scary movie is absolutely The Woman in Black. It's a classical ghost story that's really scary. Weird but we thought it was scarier the second time we saw it :S

  14. gfc: miarsi ningsih
    ny fave scary movie: Scream & i know what u did last summer
    thank you xoxo

  15. Picking a favourite scary movie is hard - I'm more of a 'moments' person (the kitchen chair scene in Poltergeist or the end of The Blair Witch Project for example). So for scary moments I think I will go with Salam's Lot (with David Soul of all people). I'd have to say the TV version of The Woman in Black is a very close second.

  16. gfc: Romah Van Vaerenbergh

    My favorite scary movie. Wawh, this is difficult! But I guess it has to be coraline. I know, I know, people call me crazy but I sure as hell see that movie as a SCARY movie, because it just is! I don't know if you've seen it, but just the way her 'other parents' are, with the creepy button-eyes, and the moment when her 'other dad' plays the piano when he's going like, insane? GIVES ME THE CREEPES. But I love it. It's stopmotion, it's creepy, it's amazing.

  17. oooooh such great goodies - I hope luck will be on my side :)

    Oooooh hard to tell what my favorite scary movie is - but I think the most make me scared "Paranormal activity" - I sat the whole movie on my couch like a little child, holding my pillow tight - Mister Meeow was so amused of how I was scared :D Oh and some scenes of Poltergeist made me shiver when I was a child - most the television scenes... creepy!!!!

    gfc: Meeow

    Hugs'n'Kisses :-*

  18. I have lost all faith in the postal system lately, but of course better late than never!
    My favourite scary film is the Woman in Black, usually I am such a wimp and refuse to watch anything scary, but I loved this one, so mysterious and such good cinematography.

  19. These are so lovely!
    Oh my favorite scary movie, it's so hard to chose as its my fav genera of movies. I really love Saw the original, I love a movie with a good twist that I didn't see coming. I also like The Bride of Frankenstein, good classic. The only one to scare me was The Ring. I was young and my bf at the time scared me by calling me shorty after, not on purpose.

  20. ho, this will be so much fun! :>
    to keep this short and sweet:
    I'm a blogger from portugal trying her luck on this prize and;
    my favorite scary movie has got to be "Darkness" now; this is a fairly difficult movie to find on the net due to the name being so ordinary in these sort of movies. it was actually made by Spanish directors and film makers, and the script was also in Spanish, but they were able to record the whole movie in English, and the camera treatment emulates American movies to a T but with that foreign taste still.
    this is the movie as shown in IMDB:
    it's really about the most old beliefs about the dark and why we as a species seem to have such a deep rooted fear of it. with some very nice FX in the mix, the ouroboros, the hecate with her 3 sides... you are in for a load of fun.
    actually Im getting goosebumps just writting about it.

    1. ops! forgot to say:
      my email is thecorpseofcheer {at} gmail dot com
      thank you! :3

  21. I just love your style! My email is and my favorite scary film is Children of the Corn. I'm a sucker for demonic children. ;)

  22. Yay for this! My email is illivonray at and my favorite scary movie... that is really tough, I like so many... um... The Thing/Nosferatu/Beetlejuice. See, I couldn't pick just one and even narrowing it down to those three I'm still waiting to interject with more options, I'm also imagining a movie where all three come together!


  23. Awesome giveaway!
    My favorite scary movie is Nosferatu!
    My email is


  24. Thanx for such a lovely giveaway...
    My fav scary movie is Drag ME TO HELL...
    Email :

  25. Thanks for the opportunity. Her palettes are awesome. I love your blog!
    I think my favorite, aside from old Hammer Horror films, is The Orphanage. It is spooky and rather sad at the end. If you could consider The Road to be horror, that might be my ultimate favorite, haha.
    Email: noholosblog at gmail dot com

  26. The purple spider web palette is so pretty! I wish I found out about Lynn's shop sooner. I don't really have a favourite horror movie, I'm more of an action/comedy type girl.

    digital _ syren at hotmail dot com

  27. These palettes seem awesome! :)
    I'm a relatively new follower, but a follower nonetheless! ;)
    I guess I'm still looking for my favourite horror movie, since a couple times a year I start watching all the horror films I can get my hands on. It's a bit weird, because I get nightmares quite easily, and some movies tend to haunt me for ages, but I still need to get my horrorfix! I prefer the more supernatural and paranormal types of horror to slashers, but enjoy both if they manage to spook me. :)

  28. I don't love movies, so haven't watched a ton of scary ones, but The Ring really sticks out in my mind as being utterly terrifying. I do tend to prefer scary short stories, though!

    strawberry [ dot ] carnage [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com

  29. My favorite scary movie (this month anyway) is the Woods with a more serious Bruce Campbell. I love the dresses in the movie as well- you should see it!