July 07, 2014

The Entomologists Daughter

Just a short and sweet post today to break the deafening silence which has pervaded my blog as of late! I recently received a much anticipated art print, entitled 'The Entomologists Daughter', from the lovely cotton candy haired Pop-Surrealism artist, Mab Graves. I've been a big fan of Mab's work for quite some time, with its wonderful attention to detail and delightful mix of creepy and cute. It's so easy to get lost in the curious and intriguing worlds she creates full of little waifs and strays looking for adventure.

As soon as I peeked at the first progress shot of 'The Entomologists Daughter' (via Mab's Instagram) I knew I had to own it and that need only grew more and more intense as it neared completion. As soon as she announced that there was a limited edition print available in her shop the deal was done! I cannot express just how much I adore this piece but I'll admit that the little fox was the first thing that captured my heart.

May 20, 2014

Home treasures

I thought I would start off my holiday postings by sharing some of the treasures that accompanied me home last Friday. Most are second-hand (or maybe even fifth-hand!), others were gifts, and one is an inherited piece that I feared I had lost many moons ago!

The thing that I love most about my home town is that there isn't a chain store in sight. It is filled with the most eye-opening array of small businesses selling everything for your esoteric needs, from crystals to candles, witchcraft supplies to sculptures and paintings, most of which are by local artists! It's a wonderful place to lose yourself or even have lunch with friends in a 15th century pub (which is exactly what we did!)

I found the beautiful selenite tealight holder and grey agate geode in a little shop called Elestial. Selenite is one of my favourite minerals; named after Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon, because of its moon-like glow. The pine cones were collected from Arnos Vale, a stunning Victorian cemetery that we explored last Monday (more on that later!)

These old postcards and cabinet cards were purchased from my favourite vintage and antique stall at the local boot sale, the owner let me have them for 50 pence each rather than the original £1 price tag! There's nothing I like more than sifting through old photographs!

I had unbelievable luck on the second-hand book front, including a small stack of age worn leather-bound Shakespeare books from 1904 (not pictured). I've had my nose stuck in these three books since we returned home, the owl book is a particular favourite and filled with the most beautiful old illustrations!

I had a very pleasant surprise from my Dad when he handed me a bag containing this deer skull! Last time I visited he gave me a book of superstitions and folklore, so you can probably guess where my love for the strange and macabre comes from!

Lastly is that huge cow horn which once belonged to my grandparents. After my Nan had passed we travelled to her little cottage in Wales and each picked a couple of items we wished to keep to remember them by. I chose a painting that I had always admired growing up and this cow horn. I feared I had lost it years ago but as it turns out it was hiding in the back of my Mum's wardrobe all these years! I still remember being afraid to look into the hollow of the horn as a child after my grandad had told me that a huge spider lived in it!

May 06, 2014

Witch Craft

April was a month of pleasant surprises and reasons to be happy, I visited some beloved owl friends at a local sanctuary (a post will be dedicated to that soon I hope!), I won a fantastic giveaway (I'm currently waiting for my prize to arrive!), we booked train tickets to visit family and friends, Game of Thrones started back and to top it all off there was plenty of chocolate to be eaten! I also managed to snap this beauty up from Burke & Hare Co on etsy!

I had yearned for this particular teacup for months but unfortunately for me it had already been sold, so when I saw this doppelganger had been created I didn't hesitate for a moment! I waited as patiently as I possibly could for its arrival from America but by the third week those pesky anxiety beasts inside my head had me imagining all sorts of unfortunate scenarios such as it somehow being lost in the ocean or arriving in a pile of shards and dust! But of course, as you can see, there was no need for me to fret at all.

The presentation was wonderful, especially those little business cards, indeed I have a mini frame which will fit the 'La Mort' card perfectly! Erica, the owner of Burke & Hare Co, also included an extra treat in the form of one of her votive candles!

I wonder what I shall be brewing in my cauldron teacup first!


This Friday I am travelling to my hometown for a week to visit my family and friends whom I haven't seen for just over four months! Our last planned visit was unfortunately cancelled due to the bad weather causing havoc with the train lines, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that nothing could possibly go wrong this time!

I wish you all a very happy May!

April 15, 2014


I have had a soft spot for taxidermy for as long as I can remember, particularly vintage pieces, but finding those at a good price is a little impossible here. You are not likely to walk into an antique shop and pick up anything for under £50 as you might do in places such as America (where taxidermy is widespread and still very popular today) not unless you've got Lady Luck on your side! Here in the UK the only place you're likely to find a decent bargain is eBay, which is where Hermione, this beautiful vintage stoat in winter fur, came from (Germany to be exact!)

She arrived last week and though she was in wonderful condition she still looked a little dirty and dusty in places (probably from being in storage) so I gave her a clean with a slightly damp cloth and gently brushed her fur with a soft toothbrush and now she looks good as new! I even made her that little pearl necklace out of some old beads that I never wear. They make her look rather elegant don't you think?

Now if only I can catch that elusive fox or barn owl that I long for!